Leave for San Francisco

This morning we are packing and will be driving together with Dave Hamilton and his wife, Teresa, to San Francisco. We're planning to leave about 1 p.m. Junel is pretty much packed. I had to wait because we have to pack our own costumes (including armor and helmets) and of course, we wore those for the performance last night. I also am taking the school's laptop (We'll be running the music for the show from it.) in its backpack as my carryon, so had to wait for that as well.

The show last night was quite successful. We had about 124 responsive and appreciative people in the audience. Several commented (including Lori Gaskin) that the show was better and tighter than last year. We had added a new trio for the soldiers in which they give their own perspective from the front and cut the "What are you talking about?" number which didn't really help the plot much anyway. We also trimmed the lovers' quartet and trimmed some other instrumental interludes and scene change music that wasn't necessary. Lysistrata's big scene and anthem "I am Athenian" was moved to a later position. I still wonder if it is too close to Calonice's ballad. We'll see what other input we get.



Performance Tonight

8:00 tonight is our going away performance at LTCC. It's a benefit in that we are hoping to raise money to cover the renting of microphones over in Scotland. As it turns out, our wireless mics were the wrong frequency for over there. It will also be good for the cast to perform for an enthusiastic audience of friends and family. Last night's dress rehearsal went fairly well -- a couple of harmony glitches and a few technical problems with the Powerpoint images were about the only problems.

Some links to find out more about us:

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UPDATE (8/7/2005): Hey, the Tahoe Tribune actually did have an article about us.


Lysistrata's War goes to Edinburgh for the Fringe 2005

I'll be trying to blog our trip as often as internet access is available. Right now we are just busy trying to get ready for our Thursday performance at the college.