Answers.com and More Links

Because of the link at Wikipedia, Lysistrata's War is also now listed at Answers.com, YourArt.com, and A Bit About Everything.com. Somehow we are also listed at Local.co.uk under Laptops Roslin. I have no idea why, though, maybe their search engine picked up those words on this blog.

Google also found some links at a couple of myspace sites and blogs. So thanks, Iceward Bound, cruelmistress86, and dreamer84.

The dmoz open directory lists us as do the directories at metronimo.com, Warpocity, Vanini, HotSheet, and TheHairyOne.net.


Canzoni contro la guerra

An Italian website called Canzoni contro la guerra ("Anti-war songs" in English) has linked to the Lysistrata's War website. Now if only they or anyone in Italy would bring our show over.

Michael Lahanas also has a link to us on his website about Aristophanes, as does Wikipedia's article on Lysistrata.


Nightnews at the Fringe 2005

I happened to be doing some surfing and found that Lysistrata's War was listed at Nightnews at the Fringe 2005 under Dark Musicals and Opera.