Errands, Undersea Gardens, the Harbor, and Chinatown

Today was another day off and we needed some groceries, so Junel, Roslyn, and I took a drive to the health food store up the street on Douglas. After dropping the groceries off back at the hotel. We took a little drive. I put up a poster at Venue 6 and then we went and got some outside pictures of Craigdarroch Castle. After that we went down to the harbor, parked the car, and walked over to the Undersea Gardens.

Roslyn enjoyed their presentation. A diver would bring examples of the different kinds of sea life by the windows so the audience could see them up close. Roslyn was a little scared of the octopus though.

Then we walked by the Empress Hotel and checked it out. I am going to try to make reservations for high tea for Friday. I put a few posters up on the poles on Government Street. Then it was back to the car and over to Chinatown. We found a real cute silk Chinese outfit for Roslyn and then decided it was time to refuel.

We ended up going back to Swan's. I had their brew sampler and some fish and chips. Roslyn was getting real tired, so afterwards, we went back to the hotel.

I decided to see a show, so I joined up with Kurt and Nikki, and went over to Venue 3, which is around the corner from the Metro Studio where our show is, to see Les Ms. The two women performing were a non-stop tour de force of parody. They crammed practically the entire show into an hour including a hilarious tribute to Moulin Rouge.

Afterwards I dropped by the Fringe Club for a beer and got to talk to two of the Fringe Volunteers who commented that they had really liked our show. We chatted a while and then I talked with Meg, Stephanie, Jeff, and one of the Fringe Board members for a while.

Soon it was 1:00 am and time for bed.

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